“No, I’m not creative”

Is this you?

“No, that’s not for me; I’m not creative.” “Me? Creative? I’ve never crafted anything my whole life, so no.” “I gladly leave coming up with new stuff to others. I’ll help execute it.”
Are you one of those people telling themselves they are not creative? I beg to differ. Not about your saying it, but about it being true, since, believe it or not: everyone is creative.

Believe it or not: everyone is creative.

Do you ever worry?

I worry; I'm not creative. (But you are!) worry-foto-lucy-lambriex-zie-binnenzijde

Have you ever solved a problem? Do you ever worry and imagine how bad things will end? Do you ever tell anyone about your day? Do you ever write an email or message? Do you ever prepare a meal? I think you know where I’m heading. Solving a problem or creating one in your mind; telling a story; making something that wasn’t there before. Combining existing elements in new ways… yes that is creativity.

Combining existing elements in new ways… yes that is creativity.

And that’s not reserved for designers, artists and musicians. All people are inherently creative. Or we wouldn’t survive. Every day you make new decisions, change your route, respond to a sudden dangerous traffic situation or adapt a recipe to what is present in the fridge. That is creativity.

You too can grow your creative powers

I came to realize that creativity is one of the most important qualities one can train and develop. Who relies on his creative powers can handle any situation. Don’t try to control and fixate your future, don’t try to stop change. Instead, relax and surrender to your own inner creative motor, that will come up with the solutions to your problems (as long as you feed it the right fuel). And this is not exclusive to a small group. ANYONE, at any age, can increase their creativity and use it as a powerful means to make a change in their lives.

Who relies on his creative powers can handle any situation.

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  1. Thank you, Lucy, for this post. The link between creativity and letting go of trying to control is interesting to me. Also, when I read your sentence in which you describe ‘creating a problem in your mind’ as part of one’s creativity, that made me smile. A happy smile. Somehow, there is a pleasantly soothing tone in your writing, a voice which steers me towards trusting myself even more than I do. Thank you.

    • Why, thank you, Marja, for your kind comment. And I’m so happy to read this. Yes making problems, is creativity in all its glory!

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