Unlock your creative thinking skills

Wouldn’t you want to experience the liveliness and lightheartedness you knew as a child again? Have creative thinking as your default type of thinking? Express more easily who you really are and thus pursuing your purpose?

I certainly do and sometimes found myself lost and stuck in solemn hard work, so I started InnerSpaceCraft, to put creative thinking and playful behaviour back on the daily menu!

Self discovery through creativity and play

Playfulness, creativity and humor are not only pleasant qualities from our past; they are extremely valuable to us now. The open space and the relaxation they bring, allow us to face our fears and foibles and explore deeper layers and darker sides of ourselves.

In the past nine years, photography, experiment and play have been tools for my own inner journeys and I develop online projects for self discovery, using that same toolbox.

Come along with me

As a fellow explorer and travel guide (not as a coach or therapist,) I invite you to join me on these playful inner journeys. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but in my projects, adventures and posts, I consciously address and experiment with many issues and hope to help you address yours as well. Will you come play with me and start trusting your creative GPS? I promise: you have one too.

Lucy Lambriex

Will you come play with me and start trusting your creative GPS?